Mortgage Broking in New Zealand

Mortgage Broking in New Zealand
Mortgage Broking in New Zealand

Mortgage brokers fulfill a vital role in The New Zealand financial scene.  While it is the banks that almost always provide housing finance, it is the mortgage broking sector and help buyers find the best mortgage or the best solution for their particular problem. Thanks have long recognised that mortgage brokers are an important ingredient in the overall solution, and in general Banks reward the mortgage brokers well for their work.

Probably the most common reason why people first come in contact with a mortgage broker is because your own Bank that they have used all their lives no longer wants to know them when it comes to providing a mortgage. Bank customers can be lead into a false sense of security by the seemingly very pleasant relationship they have with their bank, and any rejection for a mortgage can come as a rude shock.

A good mortgage broker can provide assistance in a number of areas, and can more often than not find a good mortgage for a customer too early because they are across all of the good deals going out there and because they are not wedded to anyone bank. In particular a good mortgage broker wall know which banks are currently looking to lend money and have therefore softened their requirements, and a good mortgage broker will also know exactly what a good deal looks like.

In many cases the customers only problem is that they don’t look very good to their bank as a mortgagee, but this might simply because the customer does not have a good employment or savings history at that particular time. Mortgage brokers are generally very good at understanding what banks need in order to feel comfortable to provide a mortgage, and they can advise their client accordingly. This might be to simply advise them to get temporary employment if they are a self employed business person for example.

The good mortgage broker might also have to advise the client that they need to reduce the aspirations somewhat, and the mortgage broker will be able to provide the numbers and explanations which make this perfectly clear to the client. They may also be able to see a path for the client to improve their housing situation down the track, and might be able to advise the client on steps to take so that the current housing situation is not long term.

How To Replace A Broken Window Pane With Putty

How To Replace A Broken Window Pane With Putty

It is not necessary to get an expensive glazier and to repair a broken window pane, is the job is pretty easy to do by yourself. You will need to purchase and identical size  window pane from the Glaziers Taupo has + some cutting and you will need a putty knife. You should always wear gloves for safety.

You should start by laying down a large sheet of cardboard or similar on the ground under the window so that you can push the broken glass pane out onto this sheet. You should then apply strips of duct tape to the outside of the broken window so that you are holding the window together. Then from inside you should tape a sheet of cardboard the same size as the glass pane, and then using a stick of timber at least a metre long you should poke the glass outwards around the edges. If you are lucky the entire pain will fall out held together by the duct tape but at the very least the duct tape should hold most of the glass together while it falls out onto the cardboard pad.

You should run the stick of timber around the edge of the window to check for any remaining  glass shards, and you should knock these out onto the cardboard pad. Once all the glass has been removed you should fold up the cardboard pad and tape it safely so that all the glass is safely out of the way. You should then use your putty knife to clear away any remaining old putty from the window frame, and then you should paint on some oil based primer.

You should then roll up a bead of putty and apply it to the window frame so that you have something to stick your new window pane to. Once you have inserted the new window pane you should also insert some glazier pins into the wood of the frame to locate and hold the window pane. You should use two or three pins  per edge.

Next you should have ply a good dollop of party all around the window using your hands.  The next step it’s to wet your putty knife, and then drag it a long each edge so that you removed all of the excess party and leave a very nice straight finish. You should also go inside the house and use your putty knife to remove any excess putty that has made it’s way inside the window. Don’t worry about any putty marks on the window pane as these are easy to remove with standard window cleaner.

You should leave the putty to cure for 5 to 7 days, depending on the instructions on the putty, and after this you can paint the party and tidy up the window.

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

So it’s Mother’s Day and you can’t think of anything to get your mom. Don’t fret! Wash the dishes! Vacuum the carpet! Clean the windows and the bathroom mirror! She’ll love you forever (I’m sure she does anyway but this way she’ll express her gratitude as well).

Another idea is to cook breakfast for her and serve it to her while she’s still in bed. A coffee the way she likes it, some marmalade on toast, and a little porridge with milk. Make the porridge a little gourmet by adding something mildly exotic to the mix, chop up some nuts and dried fruits, for example:

  • Crushed almonds
  • Chopped raisins
  • Chopped dried apricots
  • Yogurt-covered raisins

Serve with yogurt and fresh fruits. Oh my goodness, sliced strawberries! It will be the highlight of her day.

Check out Jamie Oliver’s video on how to make excellent porridge:

Mother’s Day is a marketing day used by businesses around the world to encourage you to buy stuff – but don’t tell your mom that! You can still make her day great and express your gratitude for her being an awesome mother and raising you well. She gave birth to you and put up with your crap for decades, the least you can do is make her some porridge and vacuum the carpet. But you don’t necessarily need to buy her something, that’s the lazy way.

So save some money and don’t buy anything for your mom, but show her your love in other ways. She will be so much more grateful for breakfast in bed and chores than a token generic gift. Its so much more thoughtful.