Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

So it’s Mother’s Day and you can’t think of anything to get your mom. Don’t fret! Wash the dishes! Vacuum the carpet! Clean the windows and the bathroom mirror! She’ll love you forever (I’m sure she does anyway but this way she’ll express her gratitude as well).

Another idea is to cook breakfast for her and serve it to her while she’s still in bed. A coffee the way she likes it, some marmalade on toast, and a little porridge with milk. Make the porridge a little gourmet by adding something mildly exotic to the mix, chop up some nuts and dried fruits, for example:

  • Crushed almonds
  • Chopped raisins
  • Chopped dried apricots
  • Yogurt-covered raisins

Serve with yogurt and fresh fruits. Oh my goodness, sliced strawberries! It will be the highlight of her day.

Check out Jamie Oliver’s video on how to make excellent porridge:

Mother’s Day is a marketing day used by businesses around the world to encourage you to buy stuff – but don’t tell your mom that! You can still make her day great and express your gratitude for her being an awesome mother and raising you well. She gave birth to you and put up with your crap for decades, the least you can do is make her some porridge and vacuum the carpet. But you don’t necessarily need to buy her something, that’s the lazy way.

So save some money and don’t buy anything for your mom, but show her your love in other ways. She will be so much more grateful for breakfast in bed and chores than a token generic gift. Its so much more thoughtful.