Showbox for PC Download Latest Version to Watch Movies Free !!

Showbox for PC Download Latest Version to Watch Movies Free !!

Showbox is the miracle box of enjoyment that is difficult to discover over the web room. Sites like films and various other loading websites did area over the internet. These Blockbuster online lookalikes saw their days designated or they were compelled to move and be moving around to keep themselves from being murdered off. So where can the consumer really convert to? The catch of Piratebay creators a few in the past really turned on the equipment seeing the loss of life of torrents on a short-term platform. All these choices, passing away or getting lawfully obstructed. This saw the tsunami of customers being attacked by a cover of interest and doubt as to what is next? Is this is where inadequate man’s enjoyment comes to a close or youtube. com is the only thing customers can visit.

Well, Showbox says otherwise, is a loading app that easily provides you with 100 % free films, TV display and all type of material in HD Quality. Now you don’t need paying out money from your bank card for top quality enjoyment. Compared with all the other applications found in this category. Showbox App differs from the others, not only does it provide you with the newest in pattern material but it does that with free at all. This could be the reason it is not available on play shop. Getting Showbox APK set up on your PC is little challenging but do not be worried, we know the workarounds that can function to your advantage and get you this spectacular anti-boredom BOX of fun and satisfaction.


How to Download Showbox APK on PC?

First, the customers of PC need to get their arms on an easy program known as Bluestacks. Observe, Bluestacks is an Android os emulator that can make the pc into an Android os system. This app will also allow you to get your arms applications like Showbox by just following these easy actions. Bluestacks will focus on Ms windows Working program from 7,8,8.1,10 and even on an XP. You need to have 4 GB of area vacant on your difficult generate, and your pc should at least fulfill the Lowest program element of 2 GB ram. The app should run excellent on your system if these circumstances met.

Step 1: First of all, you need to download Bluestacks and set it up on your PC.
Step 2: Next, download Showbox APK information file and move it to the desktop computer.
Step 3: Right-click on the desktop computer symbol of Showbox APK pick start with “BlueStacks APK Owner.”
Step 4: An app cabinet screen will pop out once Bluestacks is operating.
Step 5: Red collection will cause to an APK information file that you have to download
Step 7: Choose Yes when required to setup, the app will ask for few authorizations when being set up on your pc, Simply just click yes or agree to to all of those.
Step 8: As soon as the download completes, you would now acquire 100 % free films and material with Showbox.
The set up process is intelligible and doesn’t need a press on your brain power. Just adhere to the actions described previously you should be able to use the app. Just like that, you have your very own 100 % free edition of Blockbuster online available.

Method 2 – Using ARC Welder

If Bluestacks has unsuccessful you, don’t fear. There is always another way to get exactly what you need. Just go over to Search engines and download Arc Welder. Arc welder was published by Search engines long ago in 2015 with the aim of assisting customers to download and run Android os applications on Search engines Firefox. It is a generally a Search engines Firefox expansion that you need to add to your chrome in order to further continuing with the process. This app is the best and most simple method that can without any difficulty get you to the applications you are seriously scrawling the web area for.

Getting Arc Welder on your PC is easy, just impact the search phrases in Search engines – Obtain ARC Welder.

Step 1: Once you identify the web page of ARC Welder, hit +ADD TO CHROME key.
Step 2: Once the app gets efficiently downloadable, Release it.
Step 3: Run the app and spend a appropriate listing for the app to keep its data
Step 4: Next, download Showbox .APK information file on your PC (or you can also use the apk information file that you have downloadable above method)
Step 5: Then, go over to the ARC Welder and there you would discover Add APK choice with a plus register an lemon key right in front side of it.
Step 6: Simply just click that key and Add Showbox APK from there.
Step 7: Locate the Showbox .apk information file that you downloadable a while ago, and add it to here.
Step 8: Once included Showbox APK is able to be installed
Note: ArcWelder app allows you to run your set up APK information files onto your body, you will still have to discover and download APK information files from exterior resources.

If Search engines Firefox is providing you difficulties in getting the ArcWelder app, you can always make use of Bluestacks. Bluestacks can also make you the applications like ArcWelder and the relax use this when Firefox isn’t operating out for you. When you run the ArcWelder app, you can enable/disable fullscreen method from Aspect area within the app.

Launching Showbox on your PC

Step 1: Try operating it from the Search engines app area, if some mistake comes up look at the system relationship.
Step 2: If the app is no longer operating, then go to Firefox > Newtab > Apps > Showbox
If in situation you are coming across a mistake that says “WebGL is not reinforced.” Just adhere to the actions detailed below.

Head over to Search engines Firefox > select Configurations > Show Innovative Configurations.

In the area identify and mark a box known as Use Components Speeding when available, after that go over to Firefox > banners. In it, you need to allow Bypass software making record.

This should take care of the WebGL problem, to confirm whether it has been switched on or not, go over to Firefox > GPU area. If you can discover WebGL: Components multiplied on the record, then it means that WebGL is switched on.

That’s all folks! Hopefully if once you begin with particularly described previously, you’ll be probably dealing installing Showbox in your PC. In situation, if the first workaround doesn’t do the job, you always have an substitute choice to opt for.

How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router?

How to Set up a Linksys Wireless Router?

Linksys WRT54G is a personal wi-fi router. It can discuss your access online between more computer systems by cable ethernet relationship or through 802.11 b/g wireless weblink. Its launched way back in 2002 and since then it becomes one of the most known personal gateways. There are many edition and subversions of this wi-fi router. Here you will discover WRT54G universal manual.

Its standard IP deal with for logging into web administration or weblink through telnet is  while on subversions. WRT54G-TM and WRT54G-RG is You can sign in with a standard sign-in name “root” without quotations and security passwords “admin” also without quotations. Some editions come without presented details.

Linksys WRT54G is a personal wi-fi router. It can discuss your access online between more computer systems by cable ethernet relationship or through 802.11 b/g wireless weblink.

It’s launched way back in 2002 and since then it becomes one of the most known personal gateways. There are many edition and subversions of this wi-fi router. Its standard IP deal with for logging into web administration or weblink through telnet is while on subversions

WRT54G-TM and WRT54G-RG is

linksys router-setup

You can sign in with standard sign-in name “root” without quotations and security passwords “admin” also without quotations. Some editions come without presented details. This is mostly done by your isp. Linksys WRT54G firmware can be found on the Cisco website.

Start by establishing your wi-fi router next to your device and connecting the ability source into the wall socket. Let it completely energy up. Then, weblink an Ethernet cable from the modem’s Ethernet slot to the WAN or Online slot on the wi-fi router. Before you begin using the router’s wi-fi relationship, weblink one of the router’s designated ports to your pc using an Ethernet cable for the set-up process. Don’t connect to the wi-fi system until your protection configurations are designed.

Clone MAC Address

Cable Online connections usually require a Media Access Control or MAC deal with to recognize a subscriber’s pc and establish the relationship. If your cable relationship requires your pc’s MAC deal with, the wi-fi router has a MAC cloning device to duplicate your MAC deal with.

Start up your preferred Internet web browser and get into into the deal with bar and press Enter, then type administration in the Security password area when persuaded and then just click OK. Generally you don’t need a sign in name, but if you’re persuaded for one, use administration. Select the Installation tab, followed by MAC Address Replicated. On the MAC Address Replicated tab, choose the Enabled stereo key and then just click the Replicated My PC’s MAC key to duplicate the MAC deal with from your pc. After the number is added, just click Preserve Settings to avoid wasting the changes.

SSID Settings

Changing and hiding your SSID can be a useful device for stopping uninvited users on your wi-fi relationship.

Click Wireless from the main selection pick the Wireless Network Name (SSID) area. Enter a name for your system’s SSID. This is the name that comes up in wi-fi system lists, so something easy to recognize as your own is best. After you’ve entered a name, choose the Turn off stereo key for Wireless SSID Broadcast and then choose Preserve Settings when you’re done.

Security Settings

From the Wireless selection, choose Wireless Security tab and choose WEP from the Security Mode drop-down selection. Select 126 bits 26 hex numbers from the drop-down selection and get into security passwords in the Passphrase area. Make sure security passwords is relatively strong, consisting of numbers, symbols and a mix of upper and lower-case letters. If you think you’ll have a hard time remembering the password, write it down somewhere you can think it is as needed. When you’re done creating the password, just click Generate, followed by Preserve Settings.

Connection Test

If you’re establishing a wired relationship, check out any web page in your web browser to evaluate the relationship after you’ve finished the setup. If the relationship does not work properly, walk through the set-up steps again and double-check that your configurations were saved.

If you’re using a wi-fi relationship, detach the Ethernet cable from your pc and then just click the Network symbol in the system plate. Select your wi-fi system from the list and get into the password you created, then allow the pc a few seconds to plug with the wi-fi router. After the Network symbol shows that you’re connected, open your web browser and go to a web page.

Paytm App Download For Android, Windows and iOS Smartphones

Paytm App Download For Android, Windows and iOS Smartphones

If you want to renew quickly and in an simple way then Paytm app will be the recommendation for Android operating system. Paytm is the quickest renew app where you can renew cellular expenses, DTH, data cards or city cards etc. So for what you are patiently awaiting obtain on your android tool and start re-charging without going any close by store. Highest possible people are relying on and setting it up for their Mobile phones.

Paytm provides fast cellular invoice expenses and pre-paid cellular renew for Airtel, United kingdom, idea, dependency, BSNL, and much more, not only that it also provides renew Airtel DTH, Plate Tv, Tata Sky. Paytm is like a pockets where you can use as usually, you do with your pockets. Once if you obtain this app then paying procedure will become simpler for you. So obtain it if you want an simple, fast, protected transaction app which is truly deserving. If you do not have enough time because of your active lifestyle then no need to fear obtain Paytm app and pay your hook things and also by re-charging.

How to Download Paytm App for Android Device?


Paytm is best for re-charging DTH, cellular expenses, pay postpaid cellular, present expenses and much more. It’s a kind of pockets and that pockets will be your Android operating system cellphone to pay the invoice and also it is pretty safe app obtain it to create simpler and also paytm app obtain for pc. But to obtain your Phone establishing may not allow you to set up because it is a mystery resources application so to allow follow the procedure given below.

Go to system Setting options
Select the Protection key from the establishing choices.
Enable the Unidentified resources from the protection key.
To obtain simply simply choose the link search in google
Download the app by following the above procedure and if you are new do not know how to Sign in then the publish given below will help you.

Procedure to Sign in Paytm App:

Paytm is one of the most popular on the internet cellular renew suppliers in Indian. Not only renew you can also pay present expenses, also can book air travel, film passes etc. So obtain it and Sign in to help create your own consideration by the procedure which is given below ;
First of all, go to and then simply simply choose the key on the top right side that says “Login or Signup”
After simply simply clicking the key a pop-up box will appear, simply simply choose the “Sign up for Paytm Wallet” option.
Now get into your Mobile variety, email id, with a security password and then simply just click continue.
A verification rule will be sent to your cellular variety, get into to validate.
Now you will be able to see your information page, get into your name and other information.
Finally your Sign in segments overs now you can use your Paytm pockets to do all the employees.
To help create your transaction technique simpler obtain by setting up and build your own Paytm pockets consideration by following the above procedure.

Final words:

Paytm sign-up to use Paytm pockets is the best on the internet transaction technique through the help of this app you can pay from anywhere whenever. So do not face the problem by going to go for re-charging for a big line obtain Paytm and pay from wherever you are whenever you want.

How to Find Your IP Address When Browsing on Your Mobile?

How to Find Your IP Address When Browsing on Your Mobile?

Internet Protocol is the standard method that is used by computer devices to communicate with one another. Such devices communicate with one another by sending and receiving datagrams. Every system on the internet has an IP Address. This is a series of number separated by dots and it is used to identify that device on the internet. When there is any access made to any internet http 192.168 o 1.1 login site, it is done using this address as the identification mark.

However, most of the time, the username: password combination for the is blank: admin, admin: admin and admin: password. Please remember that the word before the colon is the username and the one after the colon is the password. If luck permits it, one combination try will do. But, if it doesn’t, try searching for more in the Internet.

When systems are individually connected to the internet, each system requires an IP Address. When they are connected to a router which is in turn connected to the internet, only the router’s IP Address needs to be used. This internet protocol address was created for the purpose of simplifying IP usage and reduces the need for a large number of IP Addresses.

If you do not want to pay for this service, you can also use the free option, but it is very likely that you will find all necessary information to Google (search engine) and Facebook (social network), because people do not fully want to provide personal information. We spent hours and days of research and still nothing.

ip address

For the initial set up of the Print server, connect the print server to the router with the cable. Connect the print server to one of the Ethernet port on the router. Make sure that you will see Ethernet light both on router and print server. Connect the printer to the Print server. Print server does not have any Linksys Router login 192.168.l.l IP?. It picks up IP address from the router. Check the IP address of the router. There are 2 ways to check the IP address of the print server.

Hook up the network cable that was included with your new DLink Router Login. The correct port on your router will be labeled WAN, internet, uplink, or WLAN. You should hear a click when it is connected properly, and plug in the other end to your modem.

Bet you are also under the impression that the only place that you could obtain e-books from is Amazon. Certainly not, you can now attain your e-books from Public Domain, basically FREE eBooks. The biggest Public Domain website is m.gutenberg.ord, and let us not forget about Google Books. All that is needed is you point the Web Browser to that site. Yes the Kindel has a Web Browser, but it is not designed to do all of your every day surfing!

RJ45 Connector: – These are small jacks that need to be punched at both ends of cables. You don’t need to buy these connectors separately because readymade cables are available in market but of course if the desired length cable is not available then you will have to get the RJ45 Connectors and punch them at both ends of cable as per the cabling standard.

Some companies provide this service for free while others do not. The charges are however very minimal – as little as $20. Some providers of this service will not charge you if the search proves to be unsuccessful, but there are others that will which is why it is important to take the time to looking for a good directory.

Facebook Lite APK Download Latest V60. For Android & iOS

Facebook Lite APK Download Latest V60. For Android & iOS

People may use the internet in various ways for their intention and work. Facebook or myspace En aning APK These days we mostly use the online community for linking with our family members and friends across the entire globe. We all have used the applying like Facebook or myspace, WhatsApp etc. In this post, we will talk about world’s most popular online community site; Facebook or myspace.

Initially, Facebook or myspace used to build up only through internet explorer. However, with the increasing technology, nowadays it can be utilized through mobile phones, pills and similar devices. One can use it easily by setting up various programs like Safari small, UC web browser etc. Apart from that, there are a couple of formal programs like the Facebook or myspace app and Facebook or myspace En aning. These programs are able to download and the latter is considerably quicker and effective than the very first Facebook or myspace program.

Features of Facebook Lite Apk:


This app is fast and can be utilized even on low-speed systems like 2G information.
It gives you all the notice about prefers, content, feedback, and much more very quickly.
This program is extremely powerful to use and it does not lag in between the function.
It gives you the best functions where it consumes very less space on your android mobile phones.
This program is very useful to get the newest information nourishes, and up-dates from across the entire globe.
Facebook En aning comes with the devoted chatbox, hence, you don’t need to use any other program like Facebook or myspace Courier.

How to Download Facebook Lite Apk?

The actions to download Facebook or myspace Lit APK are described in details below. One can always set up the app straight from the Search engines Play Store. However, you can also set up personally by setting up the APK information file from the connection below:

After simply simply clicking the above weblink, it will instantly divert you to the download page straight through your web browser.
After the setting up procedure of putting in will get started instantly through your web browser and all you need to hang about until the setting up is finished.
If the setting up is finished, the entire information file will be held in your download directory on your cellphone or SD card.
Now for setting up the actions, you should adhere to some few actions which are given below.

How to Setup Facebook Lite Apk?

After the download procedure is finished, the next step is to setup the APK information file. For setting up you need to adhere to the actions given below:

Open the Phone Configurations from the selection, go to “Lock Display and Security” and you will find “Unknown Sources”. Tap for allowing it.
Now start the Facebook or myspace En aning Apk Obtain File from your download directory and simply select declare setting up.
After simply clicking the information file a screen will be started out where you need to simply select Install key to start setting up.
In between uncomplicated procedure if the applying requests for any authorization then allow it.
Once uncomplicated is finished, you can log in your account with your Facebook or myspace ID and your own security password.


In the definite part informed, we have recommended all the audiences give your opinions that are beneficial about this content. However, I love all of you is pleased with that information which we have given about the download 100 % free Facebook or myspace En aning Apk. Using these programs it is an honest and effective app to access all popular functions of the Facebook or myspace. I have described all the actions for setting up this program in the above. We have described all the actions for setting up, setting up and using these Facebook or myspace En aning App. We are awaiting your beneficial reaction on these.

The New Zealand Property Investment Community

The New Zealand Property Investment Community
The New Zealand Property Investment Community

The Reserve Bank of New Zealand recently set a new rule for Banks that means that any investor purchasing a new property must have a minimum of 40% deposit. This one roll has  caused a major dampening of the property market throughout New Zealand, simply because a large number of investors  can not find enough cash 40% deposit. The banks are rigorously sticking to this rule, and the investors’ mortgage brokers are forced to go to non Bank lenders and wealthy individuals for financing for their clients.

The reason that this has had such a major impact is that the vast majority of the investors are just simple mum and dad investors, who only have one or two investment properties at the most. Their broker may be able to organise a smaller deposit requirement by aggregating the mortgages from the other investment property or properties, but unless they are with the same bank then this will require the mortgage to be changed to the new bank who will be providing the loan. It needs a very skilled and determined mortgage broker to organise this if their client there’s not a gold star safe investment.

The other problem for the investor is the feeling that the equity is being reduced, enhance their life savings now have additional rusk attached. This  makes for a very dampening effect for all they are the most confident investors, and it is this that has the biggest impact on the property market.

For all that, mortgage brokers who are respected in the investment community generally have a very lucrative business, because there will be a number of investors who are confident and in a financial position to keep on purchasing property, and for the good mortgage brokers in Upper Hutt this simply generates repeat business and lots of it. In addition their client is generally wanting more of the same, and for the mortgage broker the work is largely cut and paste.

Mortgage brokers generally get around 0.65%  commission from the banks, and hence of a broker can organise mortgages all around $10,000,000 in one year then this will translate to a $65,000 payday. In the largest cities in New Zealand this $10,000,000 would be equivalent to 10 sales at the average sale price, and there will be some good mortgage brokers in Porirua that are writing 3 to 6 times this volume of mortgages every year. Their career will be lucrative into the foreseeable future.

Mortgage Brokers and the Ambitious Homeowner

Mortgage Brokers and the Ambitious Homeowner
Mortgage Brokers and the Ambitious Homeowner

Homeowners who have been in their house for many years what I often find that they have a very large equity in the property. If they have a good and secure job they can then find that the banks a very happy to lend them money for improvements to their property or even for the purchase of another property.

However it is a very smart move for the homeowner to check all this out with an experienced mortgage broker first, because mortgage brokers Otago generally have a lot of experience in the pitfalls for homeowners who are expanding their property Portfolio.

Sometimes the homeowner finds at the banks play hard to work with, and so they will go to a mortgage broker to see if they can get a better deal. Often the bank may find that the homeowner can easily refinance their property with another lender, and take out a much larger mortgage but it a good interest rate which means that the payments and not too difficult.

A lot of homeowners use this technique in order to replace their vehicle with a new one, and they do this because it can be easy to do. What they fail to realise it is that when they take a larger mortgage out on their property in order to buy a new car, the value of the car decreases immediately they drive it off the car lot, and then continues to increase rapidly over the life of the vehicle. Meanwhile their mortgage repayments will have increased significantly, and while this may not be a huge problem in the short term it does become a problem if the homeowner loses their job or has to take a cut in income. Don’t panic over home loan rate rises, mortgage brokers say.

The problem can be immense if the homeowner is unable to make the new mortgage repayments, because at that stage the bank will demand that the arrears are paid up as soon as possible, and the bank may take ownership of their new car and then sell it in order to create a lump sum cash payment for the arrears. This leaves the homeowner with an ugly problem and that they no longer have a car but they still have to make the payments on it, and even worse the bank will probably have sold the car for a fraction of what the homeowner purchase it for.

If the homeowner is still having problems making the mortgage repayments then the bank may come in and sell the house under them. All of these possibilities need to be clearly spelt out by the mortgage brokers Southland when the homeowner is making the decision whether to refinance or not. A good mortgage broker will be able to assess fairly quickly whether the homeowner is going to be a good safe bit for any bank, and the brokers main job will be to talk behind Mona out of their plans if they can see that it’s just too risky.

Easy Business for Mortgage Brokers

Easy Business for Mortgage Brokers
Easy Business for Mortgage Brokers

There are a handful of brokers who have managed mainly by spending a lot of money to make certain that their company website ranks number 1 or number 2 for all Google searches. For these mortgage brokers in Manawatu the most important aspect of their marketing is not the measured quality of the service they are providing to their clients but simply whether they are ranking number 1 or number 2 on Google searches.

The reason for this is that for anybody searching for a service on Google  the statistics show very clearly that around 30% of all traffic will go to the website ranking number one, 18% we’ll go to #2 and 12% we’ll go to #3. Everybody on page 2 and beyond gets to share only one or two percent of the total traffic coming from Google searches.

The irony of this is that while the lucky few get the vast bulk of all of the new business coming off the Internet, the other 92-95 of mortgage brokers who made collectively may be vastly more competent  and efficient for their clients are all having to use tried and true marketing techniques such as personal networking and outbound phone calling in order to generate new business. This is not an ideal situation for potential clients, as they are  effectively being fooled into choosing a mortgage broker who may not be anywhere near the best.  The worst part of this outcome is that these handful of mortgage brokers that are winning virtually all the new business can afford to be very choosy about what business they pick up, plus they can also a forward to offer only an average service, as they know that there will be new business coming in the door every hour or so.

There is a good opportunity in this market for a competent lead generation business that can pluck  traffic away from these highly ranking brokers, and then forward it as real time leads  to  one of a collection of hand picked brokers who are definitely fully qualified and registered and proud to announce it. The real risk to the high ranking broker companies is that a specialist lead generation company that really knows that stuff around SEO can potentially win a lot of business that otherwise would be going to the high ranking  companies. The truth is that these high-ranking companies would probably be lost if they were forced to have to chase after new business in the same way that all the other lower-ranking mortgage brokers in Wairarapa have to.

Mortgage Broking in New Zealand

Mortgage Broking in New Zealand
Mortgage Broking in New Zealand

Mortgage brokers fulfill a vital role in The New Zealand financial scene.  While it is the banks that almost always provide housing finance, it is the mortgage broking sector and help buyers find the best mortgage or the best solution for their particular problem. Thanks have long recognised that mortgage brokers are an important ingredient in the overall solution, and in general Banks reward the mortgage brokers well for their work.

Probably the most common reason why people first come in contact with a mortgage broker is because your own Bank that they have used all their lives no longer wants to know them when it comes to providing a mortgage. Bank customers can be lead into a false sense of security by the seemingly very pleasant relationship they have with their bank, and any rejection for a mortgage can come as a rude shock.

A good mortgage broker can provide assistance in a number of areas, and can more often than not find a good mortgage for a customer too early because they are across all of the good deals going out there and because they are not wedded to anyone bank. In particular a good mortgage broker wall know which banks are currently looking to lend money and have therefore softened their requirements, and a good mortgage broker will also know exactly what a good deal looks like.

In many cases the customers only problem is that they don’t look very good to their bank as a mortgagee, but this might simply because the customer does not have a good employment or savings history at that particular time. Mortgage brokers are generally very good at understanding what banks need in order to feel comfortable to provide a mortgage, and they can advise their client accordingly. This might be to simply advise them to get temporary employment if they are a self employed business person for example.

The good mortgage broker might also have to advise the client that they need to reduce the aspirations somewhat, and the mortgage broker will be able to provide the numbers and explanations which make this perfectly clear to the client. They may also be able to see a path for the client to improve their housing situation down the track, and might be able to advise the client on steps to take so that the current housing situation is not long term.

How To Replace A Broken Window Pane With Putty

How To Replace A Broken Window Pane With Putty

It is not necessary to get an expensive glazier and to repair a broken window pane, is the job is pretty easy to do by yourself. You will need to purchase and identical size  window pane from the Glaziers Taupo has + some cutting and you will need a putty knife. You should always wear gloves for safety.

You should start by laying down a large sheet of cardboard or similar on the ground under the window so that you can push the broken glass pane out onto this sheet. You should then apply strips of duct tape to the outside of the broken window so that you are holding the window together. Then from inside you should tape a sheet of cardboard the same size as the glass pane, and then using a stick of timber at least a metre long you should poke the glass outwards around the edges. If you are lucky the entire pain will fall out held together by the duct tape but at the very least the duct tape should hold most of the glass together while it falls out onto the cardboard pad.

You should run the stick of timber around the edge of the window to check for any remaining  glass shards, and you should knock these out onto the cardboard pad. Once all the glass has been removed you should fold up the cardboard pad and tape it safely so that all the glass is safely out of the way. You should then use your putty knife to clear away any remaining old putty from the window frame, and then you should paint on some oil based primer.

You should then roll up a bead of putty and apply it to the window frame so that you have something to stick your new window pane to. Once you have inserted the new window pane you should also insert some glazier pins into the wood of the frame to locate and hold the window pane. You should use two or three pins  per edge.

Next you should have ply a good dollop of party all around the window using your hands.  The next step it’s to wet your putty knife, and then drag it a long each edge so that you removed all of the excess party and leave a very nice straight finish. You should also go inside the house and use your putty knife to remove any excess putty that has made it’s way inside the window. Don’t worry about any putty marks on the window pane as these are easy to remove with standard window cleaner.

You should leave the putty to cure for 5 to 7 days, depending on the instructions on the putty, and after this you can paint the party and tidy up the window.